1st month of 2019 is in the books! What’s the outlook?
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Market Update
Dec 2018 – Jan 2019

The first month of 2019 is in the books and we can see a bit of change in the market for the new year. Coming off of 2018 sales which ranked as the third highest year in real estate sales in central Ohio on record, we’re hopeful of another great year. The stock market was a bit shaky, interest rates went up and inventory continued to decline most of 2018 yet the sales continued and prices went up. This is surely a sign of a growing economy here in central Ohio which doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Luckily in September we had the first INCREASE in inventory in over 7 YEARS which is a huge pivot in the market. This has and should continue to ease the competitive market for buyers and give those buyers more options. In addition, rates dropped back late last year and has eased the affordability which was on the rise. All in all, the market looks good and the forecast is another great year here in Central Ohio. If you have any questions or would like to discuss buying or selling please don’t hesitate to call me at 614-431-1770 or email me at and I’ll be more than happy to help!

If you’re interested in reviewing the 2018 Columbus Board of Realtors Annual Housing Report, click HERE.

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This Month in Real Estate
February 2019 Market Update (Video is for January, but is current)
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Monthly VideoAccording to the National Association of REALTORS®, existing home sales experienced a decrease in December after two consecutive months of increases. While the supply of homes is rising, a growing share of those homes may still be out of reach for some buyers.
Interest Rates
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Interest RatesAccording to Freddie Mac, 30-year fixed rates decreased to 4.45 percent in December from 4.87 percent in November. This rate remains well below the historical average of 8.90 percent.
Home Sales
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Home Sales Graph
The National Association of REALTORS® reported home sales at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.99 million in December, down from 5.32 million in November, and 10.3 percent below the 5.56 million sales pace from a year ago.
Home Prices
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Home Price Graph
The median home price increased to $253,600 in December, up 2.9 percent from December 2017. The median home price has increased by approximately $7,100 in the past year alone.
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Inventory Graph
There was a 3.7-month supply of housing inventory in December 2018, up since December 2017. The total number of available homes for sale has increased by 15.6 percent compared to December of last year.
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February 2019
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2019’s Hottest Home Decor
By Barbara Pronin
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Comfort is trending for 2019, a consensus of home decorators agree, with more people seeking warm colors, intimate spaces and a casual but sophisticated lifestyle.

Designers looking to pair physical coziness with emotional comfort forecast seven decor trends:


Scaled down furnishings – After years of favoring large furniture and open spaces, consumers are aiming for a ‘nesting’ environment and choosing smaller pieces arranged in more intimate settings.

Wall coverings – The return to traditionalism brings with it a return to wallpaper, fabric wall coverings and murals. Expect to see plenty of rich shades of green in fabric and wallpaper patterns.

Color changes – While blues and indigos have been huge in recent years, green is the new blue for 2019 and is likely to be used in everything from upholstery patterns to kitchen furnishings.

Color ‘pops’ – People are ditching beige minimalism in favor of fun colors, especially in family-friendly spaces. Yellow is the hottest color for small accent pieces–from ceramics to lamps to sofa pillows.

Warm woods and traditional styles – Antiques and even second-hand items are having their moment again, with consumers looking for skirted tables, wooden chests and other wood pieces with a sense of history.

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces – The coziness trend favors indoor fireplaces, working or not, with homey hearths as a nice spot to gather. Outdoors, fireplaces are preserving the joy of summertime barbecues.

Crafts and artisanal accents – In a world of increasing mass production, there has been a shift back to artisanal and boutique choices in pillows, wall hangings, quilts and other accent pieces all around the home.
How to Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint
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GardenYou may work to reduce your personal carbon footprint by driving less and recycling, but do you consider the footprint of your home? Here are some tips to make your home and your wallet a little greener.

Buy efficient appliances. Appliances are getting more efficient every year, and some have better energy and water-use ratings than others. The energy rating of an appliance is easy to find and can be a great guide for those looking to reduce their electricity and water consumption.

Install low-use fixtures. Shower heads, toilets, faucets and other fixtures now come in models that use less water than others. These fixtures can lower a home’s utility bill as well as reduce the amount of water a home uses.

Plant a garden. Plants remove carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Keeping a garden can help counteract your carbon output, provide a fun hobby and supply you with homegrown vegetables or beautiful flowers. Install a drip irrigation system so that plants get only the water they need.

Landscape using climate-appropriate plants. Local plants are better adapted to the environment, are non-invasive to other species and require less water than outsiders.
Listings for Sale

Below are the properties I have for listed for sale at the moment. Please review them and see if you know anyone interested in purchasing them…if they are still available!

Do you know of any homes that may be coming up that match the following criteria for my current buyer clients? Or do you own the specific home my buyers need? Call me at 614-431-1770 or email me today! Or visit my website for more info.

1) Up to $200k – 2-3 bedroom NW Columbus outside 270
2) Up to $50k – Linden Rental (rental)
3) Up to $50M – OSU Campus Rental Portfolio
4) Up to $500k – 4 Unit Multi-family
5) Up to $500k – Dublin, Worthington, Powell, Arlington, Grandview 3-4 bedroom – updated
6) Up to $150k – 2-4 unit Rental on the west side of Columbus
7) Up to $425k – Clintonville Ranch
8) Up to $100k – land of at least an acre close to Hilliard and OSU
9) Up to $300k – 2-4 unit in a emerging neighborhood
10) Up to $200k – 1-2 bedroom near South Clintonville
11) Up to $135k – 3 bedroom near Westerville
12) Up to $200k – 2-3 bedroom condo near Clintonville/downtown
13) Up to $140k – 2-3 bedroom near Westerville, Columbus or Worthington
14) Up to $225k – 2-3 bedroom near Merion Village
15) Up to $125k – 2-3 bedroom near Gahanna/Reynoldsburg
16) Up to $100k – 2-3 bedroom w/basement in up & coming neighborhood
17) Up to $275k – 2-4 unit owner occupant duplex 
18) Up to $225k – duplex near Souther Orchards
19) Up to $200k – 3-4 bedroom home near 43229

Central Ohio Home Sale Monthly Stats

Click HERE to get the the Columbus Board of Realtors stats and HERE to see how homes are selling in YOUR neighborhood.

*Note: The data links above are for DEC 2018.